Annual Registrations

Rental Registration

All non-owner occupied homes within the Town of Little Elm must be registered as a rental property annually in January of each year. Registration fees are $80 due at time of registration each January. Inspections must be scheduled at time of tenant change while the property is vacant.

The rental inspection includes an interior and exterior safety and property maintenance inspection, conducted by Community Integrity Staff.

Registration Options

Alcohol Permit

All businesses within Little Elm that are licensed to sell or distribute alcoholic beverages by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) must also be registered with the town. Registration must be renewed every January. Little Elm registration fees are collected pursuant to TABC regulations and generally equal half of the state registration fees. More information on alcohol sales regulations can be found at the TABC website.

Health & Food Permits

All food establishments in the town must have a current health permit, which is an annual permit that must be renewed in January of each year. Each food establishment in town has at least two inspections per year, and must have their Health Certificate and grade card posted in an area that is clearly visible to the public. A Certificate of Occupancy will not be granted to new businesses until a Health Inspection has been passed and a Health Certificate is issued.

Solicitor / Vendor Permit

Little Elm requires all solicitors and vendors to register with the town on an annual basis.

Other Annual Permits

Additional Information

Please call Therese Hoofnagle at (214) 618-1407 with questions about rental, alcohol, and health permits.
Call Permitting at (214) 975-0456 with all other annual permit questions.