Rental Property Registration

Vision & Purpose

The Town of Little Elm desires to see all its residents provided with safe, affordable housing and property owners who so desire the means to provide it while protecting their investment. Along with enforcement of building codes for new construction and alteration of all homes, the Town has provided a process to ensure that those who do not own their own home have access to the same quality of housing. The Town also desires to maintain safe and attractive neighborhoods for the benefit of all its citizens.

For Tenants:

Provide affordable safe, sanitary, and legal rental housing for those requiring it.

Enable them to be knowledgeable about their responsibilities and rights.

For Owners:

Help maintain the highest value of their investment by ensuring that all property maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Protect against disputes over the condition of residential rental properties.

For the Community:

Promote neighborhood pride, protect property values, and maintain community standards.

Renew or submit a new Rental Registration Permit.