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Little Elm News Flash

Posted on: March 27, 2017

Homeowners should ensure contractors are registered with Town

March 27, 2017

Repair contractors must be registered with Little Elm 

Volatile weather may mean large repairs more likely

LITTLE ELM (March 27, 2017) Homeowners confronted with the need for repairs as a result of foul weather have plenty to think about, and one of the first thoughts should be making contact with the Town’s Building Safety Office.

                “We know that repairs, especially major ones, require immediate action,” says Skye Thibodeaux, Planning and Community Services Manager.  “Even so, residents should be mindful of our contractor requirements.  If the repairs require a contractor, we can advise the homeowner on the status of their selected contractor’s registration.  On the other hand, if the project is a do-it-yourself, we can determine whether or not a permit is required.” 

It’s common knowledge that the area’s unstable spring weather means that wind, rain and hail can cause significant damage to homes and businesses in the area.  And, that can often mean a surge in contractors contacting homeowners.

General contractors wishing to do work in Little Elm are required to submit the following information to the Town:  a completed contractor registration application supplied by the Town; a valid driver’s license or photo ID of the contractor or a responsible officer of the company that employs the contractor; proof that the contractor or the contractor’s employer maintains liability insurance in a specified minimum amount; and any other information deemed necessary by the Building Safety Office.

"Homeowners should contact us before signing any contracts because we can help insure that contractors are registered with the Town, the appropriate permits are obtained and that inspections are being completed of the work performed," he added.

The registration requirements generally apply to all contractors including roofing companies, fence repair firms and other construction or remodeling companies, regardless of their size.  Registration with Little Elm ensures that contractors have met the minimum standards of quality and reliability.

                “In addition to contractor registration, most major repairs require that the homeowner or contractor obtain a permit,” added Thibodeaux.  “As an example, replacing a malfunctioning electrical outlet does not require a permit, but rewiring the house to add additional outlets does.” 

The Building Safety Office is located at 100 West Eldorado Parkway. Information may be obtained by phone at 214-975-0456 or via e-mail at permits@littleelm.org.  

Additionally, individuals going door-to-door representing contractors must wear the distinctive ID card issued by the Building Safety Office.  A lanyard bearing the Town’s sailboat logo is also issued with each ID card. 


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