Four Known Differences between Acne and Sebaceous Filaments

What are Sebaceous Filaments?

Sebaceous filaments are blackheads alike dots on your skin. The only difference is that blackheads are black in structure, but these are more of a gray or yellow in structure. When oils present at your skin reaches an excessive level, they are formed. They are just like large pores on your skin. These are formed by your body’s natural oil. These are mostly formed at the tip or sides of your nose, or in some cases also on the under-eye cheek area. If you try to squeeze them, you will see a yellow particle come out of it. However, it is not recommended to squeeze them because if you do that it will require more time to heal.


What is Acne?

It is like a nightmare for all humans, especially women who want crystal clear skin. Acne is most cases occurs because of the hormonal changes. It is most common in teenagers. When oil glands present at your skin become clogged, acne is formed. The pores on your skin mostly gets a blockage because of dead skin, bacteria, or excess oil, which can result in various types of acne. The things that trigger sebaceous filaments to appear on your skin are also the things that trigger acne. However, both are interrelated but involve some differences.

Four Key Differences between Acne & Sebaceous Filaments

Place of appearance on the human body

If we talk about the appearance of acne on human body, pimples can appear anywhere on your skin, at your back, shoulders, neck area etc.

If we talk about the appearance of sebaceous filaments on your body, they only appear on your face on the nose area. They can show up on the tip of your nose or on the sides of your nose.

Key Differences between Acne & Sebaceous Filaments
Key Differences between Acne & Sebaceous Filaments


Sebaceous filaments might look like a large gray pore filled with a yellowish structure on the inside. This is a large open pore which can look bad on your face. It looks like you have painted dots on your skin. If someone tries to press or squeeze it, it can enlarge the pores and resulting in scars on skin.

Acne on the other hand, acne is of various types. The structure and appearance of each type of acne might be different from other. Some acne are red in structure while others are yellow pimples. Some contain pus, while others might not contain it. Therefore, the structure depends on the different types of acne that might appear on your skin.

Healing time

If we use different skin care products, use masks, stay hydrated and keep our skin clean and oil free, these sebaceous filaments will heal in like 2 weeks. But you have to continue the process, otherwise it will show up again on your skin.

Acne requires a lot of time if left to heal on its own. Squeezing a pimple or touching it repeatedly can make it worse.

Further types

Sebaceous filaments are one of a kind. It does not have any further times but it itself is a type of acne.

Acne are of various types. It also includes blackheads and whiteheads.


Josephine Anderson

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