How to Install TikTok on your computer and advantages

TikTok trendy, fast-growing service that lets you shoot and downloads a short video, edit any music you can extract from the huge audio library on offer, and then put it on the Web to view it online. That’s why most of the Tik Tokers buy TikTok likes to take the lead and get instant success on this increasingly popular platform.

Users can apply effects; apply filters, like on Instagram. After publication in a profile, video is available to all registered persons who have the right to watch, comment, or become followers of the creator.

Registration and work rules

There are two registration methods on the TikTok web portal: email address or telephone number, via the account of one of the supported messengers. You can access the program in the same way.

Synchronize the contacts and configure the data exchange between the application and the messenger with which the account registration was carried out; the corresponding button on the control panel will help you.

After entering the social network, the user is invited to go to the “Recommended” section, where the video clips with the most views are found. After downloading and installing TikTok on your computer, you can enter correspondence, open a video, or leave comments.

Other features

The main purpose of the application is to create clips with a musical background to download them into your profile. This can be done easily using the navigation buttons located at the bottom of the screen. Management recalls the Instagram network.

You can shoot videos of 15 and 60 seconds in length (there are no other options). When choosing music or tunes, you must remember that some of them do not overlap the video for more than 15 seconds.

TikTok features on the computer.

A large number of effects are currently available to create funny and unusual videos:

  • Camera selection – front or rear.
  • “Beauty” – to remove blurry fragments from the disc.
  • “Change effect” – to quickly select the.
  • “Timer” – will help you free your hands during the shooting, also, by applying this effect, you can stop the process with an additional sequel.
  • Flow trigger button.

The site is equipped with filters for convenient and fast navigation, helping to find fun videos by given hashtags. To increase profile traffic, you can redirect your followers from other social networks to your TikTok account, and vice versa. To increase the number of subscribers, you must go to the pages and see the videos of other users, leave comments, and like them. This will greatly expand your audience.

The advantages of running the service on a PC

By downloading the TikTok application for free to your computer, you benefit from many advantages, in particular:

  • free memory on the phone;
  • battery energy saving;
  • using a full keyboard;
  • the possibility of being online for a long time – unlike smartphones;
  • save the mobile Internet;
  • A chance to watch the video on a large screen of good quality.

All application options will open for you, including posting and comments.


As it has become clear, installing a popular application on a computer, laptop, or any other mobile device is not difficult. It will also free up space on the phone and allow you to enjoy fun music videos on a big screen. With this, if you want to stand out to the crowd, don’t hesitate to buy TikTok likes and enjoy stardom.



Josephine Anderson

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